Benefits of Better Lighting

Though it may be the need to reduce your energy bills that first drives you to look at your lighting, there are many additional benefits to be gained from a thorough, expert review.

Detailed industrial space lighting design

areas to consider

Capital cost vs Maintenance cost

You may be deterred from swapping your current lamps for state-of-the-art, energy efficient lighting technologies due to the significantly larger initial outlay required. However, it’s not only reduced energy consumption that can save you money.
ERIKS Lighting Solutions can demonstrate that a change to LEDs or other cutting edge technologies could mean sizeable maintenance cost-savings. Not only do they last significantly longer – requiring fewer lamp changes in a given period – but in a difficult maintenance environment (particularly if production has to be halted for lamp replacement) new products can quickly pay for themselves. They can also be future proof, resulting in the replacement of modular parts rather than entire luminaires saving both time and money on maintenance regimes.

Health and Safety

You may feel your existing lights are functioning perfectly. However, as they age, deterioration of both lamp and luminaire can affect colour identification, light distribution, or make it harder to detect machinery movement.
Also where electrical wiring or maintenance operations are involved, there are clear health and safety implications and lighting standards to adhere to.


Simply changing the luminairies is rarely the most effective way to save. In fact, some of the largest long-term savings can only be realised by investing in lighting control systems. Properly designed systems, incorporating anything from simple on/off sensors to more complex dimming and switching solutions, can help you to save significant amounts of energy, and reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint accordingly.

Energy Management

Controlling your energy consumption is easier when you can see where it’s being used – and wasted. A system linked to a PC can show you in real-time where energy is being used for lighting, and how much, and give you the data you need to identify areas for cost-savings.


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Did you know?

Some light unit styles are being phased out in favor of new more energy efficient technologies.



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