Car Park Lighting Solutions


ERIKS have been involved in retro-fitting lighting into multi-storey car parks for the past eight years. The installations have paid for themselves in under two years. 

We understand that the practical issues like interaction of lighting controls with the BMS, getting around packed containments and temperature issues with T5 lamps and have solutions for most situations.

Energy Saving Car Parking Solutions










A typical car park has 4 light fittings in each bay of 6 parking spaces

with 2 x 58W T8 lamps. A car park for 3,000 cars will have 2,000 luminaires.

Electricity costs will therefore be: 2,000 * 2 x 58W * 8.760 hrs pa @10p

£200,000 p.a.










Luminaires will be replaced with dimmable T5 types.

Lighting controls will be added to dim the fittings to 10% when there is no movement

and a daylight cell will switch off the perimeter fittings.


£170,000 installed cost













Assuming that there is movement in the car park for 25% of the time

(averaged across busy and quiet areas and between day and night) the

new running costs will be:

(2,000 * 49W * 8,760 hrs * 25%) +

(2,000 * 9W * 8,760 hrs * 75%) @10p

£30,000 with a payback of 12 months



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