If you’re ready to reduce your energy use and CO2 footprint, one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways needs just one switch. A switch to a lighting solutions provider who can give you unbiased support to help you meet all your lighting needs.

ERIKS UK Lighting Services

Change for the Better

Lighting in your workplace has a significant impact on productivity and performance as well as health and safety considerations, add to that the cost of installing and maintaining lighting systems then the ongoing cost for the electicity, it could add up to around 1/3 of your sites energy cost depending on the type of operation.

Who can you turn to for advice? 



Talk to an electrical wholesaler and – not surprisingly – you’ll be offered lighting solutions that involve large-scale purchases of new luminaires. What you may not receive is the benefit of in-depth lighting knowledge of all kinds, and the best options for your requirements.
That’s not the kind of expertise most wholesalers have. 



Talk to a manufacturer instead, and you may get more expertise, a more considered solution, and less emphasis on simply selling you product. But when the time does come to purchase, you can guarantee whose products you’ll be offered.
No manufacturer will ever suggest a competitor’s product might be more suitable.

consultancyERIKS Lighting Solutions?

Talk to ERIKS and you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive, professional advice
  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Product recommendations to suit your requirements, from a wide range of leading manufacturers

  • A full range of technical lighting services and support

  • A Payback Report detailing achievable energy and cost savings, carbon reductions and Total Cost of Ownership


So if you’re going to change your lighting, make sure it’s a change for the better. Switch to ERIKS Lighting Solutions before you switch on another light.

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KNOW-HOW and neutrality

ERIKS Lighting Solutions’ know-how covers all aspects of industrial lighting – from product and application recommendations, to system design and project management. And it covers all types of lighting applications too: whether interior, exterior, or emergency.
But best of all, it’s know-how combined with neutrality.

ERIKS Lighting Solutions work with a number of leading lighting manufacturers, enabling us to:

  • Give advice based on what’s best or you – not on what products we have in stock
  • Propose multiple options based around cost, maintenance, CO2 reduction, payback time etc.
  • Supply name-brand products
  • Give you peace of mind with full warranties

Full service solution

The expertise, capabilities and facilities available from ERIKS means we can offer you as comprehensive, or as simple, a lighting solution as you require.

  • Supply of alternative, more efficient products for your application
  • A complete redesign of your lighting system incorporating the latest, most cost-effective, flexible and lowest-carbon solutions
  • Qualified lighting designers providing in-house lighting design expertise
  • National coverage

Project management

ERIKS Lighting Solutions’ experienced personnel will supervise every
aspect of your lighting project. We will co-ordinate manufacturers, contractors and installation engineers for your ERIKS-designed lighting system, right through to commissioning.



Reduce energy and increase productivity with lighting solutions from ERIKS

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