Offices and Data Centre Lighting


Lighting controls in offices, have been around for many years. New sensor and ballast technologies allow systems to be supplied at a fraction of the cost, reducing paybacks and allowing smaller scale offices to benefit from the energy savings.


Data centres operate 24/7 with low occupancy. Engineers need lighting all round them, not just for overhead. Fittings must be grouped into redefinable overlapping zones but commissioning DALI to achieve this is virtually impossible. New technology in the last few years has enabled some simple solutions.

Lighting Offices and Data Centre Lighting








A typical office has two 600 x 600 luminaires per workstation.

This example is based on an open plan office with 16 work stations, a meeting room and two managers offices. 40 fittings in total, air       conditioning is running 50% of the time.

Electricity costs are:

40 * 4 x 18W(24W) * 1.25 * 3,120 hrs pa @14p

£2,100 p.a.












The replacement luminaires will automatically dim to take into account


of natural daylights and temporary absence. After a further delay they


will switch off.


£3,600 installed cost.











Assuming that the workstations are occupied 6 hours per day, there are windows near 50% of the workstations and the meeting room is used 2 hours per day:

(40 * 24W * 1.25 * 520 hrs) +

(40 * 2 x 6W * 1.25 * 2,600 hrs) @14p

£393 with a payback of 2 years.




What are the other options?

Retro-fit T5 lamp adaptors and LED tubes show theoretical savings but the reliability has proved poor. The real 

savings come from dimming rather than slightly higher efficiencies.

If you have unoccupied rooms or workstations or available natural daylight, controls are probably the way forward.


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