Schools and Colleges Lighting Solutions


ERIKS design and supply complete lighting solutions to schools, from the driveway through to the classrooms and corridors and back out on to the tennis court.

Schools are full of opportunities for energy saving: classrooms have natural daylight, corridors are unoccupied during lessons and classrooms unoccupied during breaks. Changing rooms, libraries, gymnasiums all have sporadic occupancy and the buildings are often open outside school hours. Microwave detectors give great coverage in classrooms using absence but not initial detection.









An ageing classroom will be lit by either T8 or even T12 battens or 1200 x 600 low brightness layin luminaires. The designed lighting level is typically 500 lux at full brightness. Our example is an 8 metre x 8 metre classroom with 12 luminaires plus 4 in the associated corridors.

Electricity costs will therefore be:

16 * 4 x 36W(44W) * 2,200 hrs pa @12p

£743 p.a.









A kit comprising dimming luminaires, suspensions and lighting  controls will be specified. It can be suspended giving direct and indirect light.

£1,615 installed cost








Assuming that the classroom has 5 lessons per day and that the corridors are occupied for 15 minutes in each hour the new running costs will be:

(16 * 49W * 917 hrs) +

(16 * 9W * 1,283 hrs) @12p

£108 with a payback of 2.5 years


What are the other options?

As with offices you can achieve theoretical efficiency savings from retro-fit lamps but if you switch them on and

off they will fail.


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