Distribution Centre Lighting Solutions


The way sensors work in practice in distribution centres can be counter-intuitive. Standalone fittings with integral sensors are often preferred, daylight is more complicated than it seems and the solution for aisles may be different to the open space. ERIKS have supplied and commissioned lighting systems, many with over 1,000 luminaires in the distribution centres of several household names across the UK.









A typical 50,000m² distribution centre has 500 luminaires with 400W HID lamps spaced at 10 metres, at a height of 15 metres.

Electricity costs will therefore be

500 * 440W * 8,760 hrs p.a. @ 10p

£190,000 p.a.










400W hi bays will be replaced by 4 x 80W fittings.

Integral or remote lighting controls will ensure that lighting is dimmed when the area is empty or there is sufficient daylight.

£150,000 installed cost











Assuming that there are on average 100 light fittings triggered in the warehouse at any one time and that here is sufficient daylight for 8 hours per day, the new running costs will be:

(500 * 4 x 16W * 4,096 hrs) +

(500 * 4 x 80W * 1,024 hrs) @10p

£30,000 with a payback of 1.1 years


What are the other options? 

We have LED fittings for cold-stores and we have dim HID fittings to 33% of their full power based on daylight and occupancy. 


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